The Original Green


Hospital Hard Surface Disinfectant

Intermediate level disinfection in 50 seconds contact time

BioSURF product

BioSURF is the world's fastest one step surface disinfectant. Unlike most disinfectants that can take up to 10 minutes to disinfect, BioSURF works within 50 seconds. BioSURF is the perfect choice for rapid disinfection of counters, trays, impressions, medical devices, metal instruments and other hard surfaces.

  • Works in dirty conditions
  • Compatible with silicone, alginate and polyvinylsiloxane
  • Designed to remove blood, proteins, inks, dyes, lipids, waxes and oils
  • 5L Eco PACK (Bag in Box), 4X 710ml spray bottles, 10X60ml travel sprayer

Works with LeCloth

Size Package Qty/Case Pallet Qty
01-SURF-005 5L EcoPACK Bag in Box 1 100
01-SURF-704 710ml Sprayer Kit 4 112
01-SURF-060 60ml Travel Mini Sprayer 10 50
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